Case Studies

Results, Up Close and Personal

The Challenge: A Chicago-based personal injury law firm needed to take the next step to rise above a crowded market space.

The Solution: A 360º on and offline initiative that involved rebranding and repositioning the company, as well as a full scale online search strategy. Shuman legal embraced the entire experience by first building out their full brand truth and brand essence stories. Once that was established then that core 'why' of their business infiltrated every aspect of their user experience both off and online. New physical signs were added to the firm's locations, business cards and brand books were printed and a full catalogue of marketing collateral was built. We also built Shuman Legal a Community Service Brand that is seen actively supporting various non profits and initiatives within the greater Chicago area.

The offline marketing was paired with a complete digital marketing plan that included a new user first website redesign and launch, a full semantic search optimization strategy, aggressive paid ad campaigns as well as a virtual networking plan designed to build up the firm's referral network. KristiJane's Executive Coaching Team has also gone in-house to create key performance indicators, leadership training and even created a highly effective hiring funnel to bring in much needed new personnel.

The Result: Shuman Legal is quickly being positioned as a leader in their industry and a visible presence on the web with an increase of conversions by 200%. The Shuman Legal team is also closing more leads, creating a better customer experience and taking their firm to a whole new level.

“You're stuck with me as a client for life! I can't imagine where I'd be without you. There is not a part of my business you haven't touched and we are all the better for it.  The amazing thing is that when everyone is working together and on the same page the growth is exponential.”

Marc Shuman - Founder, Shuman Legal®

The Challenge: Create a highly effective and memorable online brand experience entirely that included a robust e-commerce website for a Pennsylvania-based company that was once the leader in their industry but struggled to make the shift online effectively. The came to us with ambitious goals to sell and deliver a wide range of hardware and crowd control products to large venues, institutions and many other types of businesses entirely online.

The Solution: When it comes to breaking into an already crowded market space your brand, domain and user experience needs to be perfect or you'll fail. We did extensive industry research and worked side by side with the client to truly capture their brand and the goals they had for new and existing clients. We created their brand, the associated domain and then built their large scale e-commerce website that includes a catalogue of over 6,000 product variations (with more being added daily), all of which have been neatly databased by the KristiJane team. We also integrated a AI driven search engine to give customers that Amazon like experience when searching through products.

Alongside a highly optimized website we built an aggressive paid search campaign designed to take positions and leads for competitors.

The Result: The successful launch of a new brand and an ever-growing e-commerce website that is well positioned to take over their market space in an extremely short period of time.

“I can't say enough about the skills, knowledge and initiative that your team brings to the table. I couldn't have asked for better. We're excited to see where this thing goes.”

Murray Bilby - Owner,

The Challenge: A family owned 3rd generation beach house vacation rental company based in Texas with an outdated website that didn't offer the functionality that today's vacation rental seekers expect. We also needed to build an Internet presence that included all the major local platforms to allow them to compete against bring brands crowding the market space.

The Solution: We rebuilt their brand experience and created a user first design that brought their website's functionality to the highest level. The entire website was custom built to seamlessly integrate into their existing backend booking system so there was no learning curve for their internal team. The website, although very image heavy, is lighting fast and gets top level scores across the board for performance and usability. We also built a digital lead system that allows their bookings to be captured in real time to support their existing offline systems.

The Result: Booking requests increased 350% in the first two months after launching the website. They were flooded with contact requests and are continuing to grow month over month. Once again they feel like their family business will be running strong for the next generation to enjoy.

“Our booking requests are higher than we even hoped for. It's a new lease on life for our business. Mom is a big fan of yours too!”

Steve Porter - Owner, Texas Beach House Vacations

The Challenge: A local Georgia personal injury law firm needed to gain back its lost market share in a growingly competitive industry. Their Google rankings had been on the down turn for over a year when they came to us for support.

The Solution: We immediately did a complete Technical Website Audit to find and fix exactly what was hurting them most and what could give them the biggest wins as quickly as possible. Then we went through a rebrand experience to give their entire firm a fresh look and feel to support their relaunch into the market place.

During that process we created two brands to support their user base. The first was their main firm's brand and the supporting brand was designed to cater to the active and growing motorcycle riding community in their area. Both of their brands were at the forefront when we built their custom coded website that gets top scores across the board for performance and usability. You can see how their website encompasses both of these brands in a way that support and compliment each other. We've also began creating the full suite of offline marketing collateral that goes along with their business' marketing needs.

The Result: Murphy Law Firm received a massive response in their local community to their relaunched brand. We also got their new website launched before Google's biggest update in years and they were instantly rewarded for the work done. They're at their highest impression and click through levels  in over 12 months and already seeing an increase qualified leads via their new website.

“Wow. Your team turned it around fast. I can't wait to see where we are in a year from now."

Jim Murphy - Founder, Murphy Law Firm